Name Year Completed Institution Dissertation Title Currently At
Vache Harotoonian 2017 UC Davis

Growth and Characterization of Single Crystalline InN Grown on GaN by RF Sputtering for Schottky Contacts

Cristian Heredia 2016 UC Davis Temperature Response Of Emissivity In Intrinsic Silicon:
A Selective Absorber For Solar Energy Harvesting
Kyle Montgomery 2012 Purdue Novel Approaches for Wide Bandgap Solar Cells [link Opens in a new window] Air Force Research Laboratory
Go Choi 2012 Purdue Aluminum Rich Alloys for Energy Storage and Conversion [link Opens in a new window] Samsung
Charles Allen 2010 Purdue Gallium Phosphide as the High Bandgap Material in High-Efficiency Multi-Junction Solar Photovoltaics [link Opens in a new window] Metamarkets
Jeffrey Ziebarth 2010 Purdue Use of the Aluminum Gallium Indium Tin System for Energy Storage and Conversion [link Opens in a new window] Compound Photonics
Yanning Sun 2004 Yale Efficient and Robust Drift Dominated Optoelectronic Devices [linkOpens in a new window] IBM
An Chen 2004 Yale Wide-Gap III-V Compound Semiconductors [link Opens in a new window] Global Foundries
Aristo Yulius 2004 Yale High Quality Indium Arsenide and Related Alloys Grown on Gallium Phosphide Substrates Using a Novel Liquid Phase-Molecular Beam Epitaxy Technique [link Opens in a new window] Teledyne Imaging Sensors
Thomas Boone 2004 Yale High-Speed Optical Modulation Techniques Incorporating Heavy p-type Doping and Lateral Drift Developed in Gallium Arsenide [linkOpens in a new window] HGST
Robert Koudelka 2003 Yale Novel High Speed Light Emitting Diodes [link Opens in a new window]
Jong-Hyeok Jeon 2002 Purdue A Study on Indium Arsenide-Based Schottky Barrier Diodes [link Opens in a new window] Intel
Cheng-Hua Cathy Chen 1999 Purdue High-Speed Gallium Arsenide Light Emitting Diodes [link Opens in a new window] Broadcom
Zhan Duan 1999 Purdue High Performance Hall-Sensor Devices Based on III-V Heterojunction Contacts and Materials [link Opens in a new window]
En-Hsing Samuel Chen 1998 Purdue MBE Growth Characterization and Applications of Indium Arsenide/Gallium Phosphide Heterojunctions [link Opens in a new window] SanDisk
Kipp Schoen 1997 Purdue Power and High Temperature Schottky Rectifiers [linkOpens in a new window] Picosecond Pulse Labs
Kathy Kavanagh 1987 Cornell Atomic Diffusion at Polycrystalline-Silicon/Gallium-Arsenide Interfaces [link Opens in a new window]
Peter Kirchner 1984 Cornell The Growth Characterization and Thermal Stability of High-Electron-Mobility Semiconductor Heterojunctions [link Opens in a new window] IBM
James Rosenberg 1983 Columbia Germanium Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors Utilizing a Germanium Nitride Gate Insulator [linkOpens in a new window] Comtech Xicom Technology


Name Year Completed Institution Thesis Title Currently At
Ranesh Kumar 2017 UC Davis Exploration and Design of a Phase Change Battery Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jackson Thomas 2016 UC Davis Continuous Generation of Hydrogen and Aluminum Hydroxide from Hydrolysis Using an Active Aluminum-Gallium Molten Alloy Texas Instruments
Thomas Boone 1998 Purdue Single Discharge Study in Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining HGST
Aristo Yulius 1998 Purdue Non-Alloyed Ohmic Contact to N-Type Gallium Arsenide Using Heavily Silicon-Doped N-Type Indium Arsenide Teledyne Imaging Sensors
Jeffrey Hastings 1998 Purdue Performance Enhancements for High Speed Gallium Arsenide Light Emitting Diodes University of Kentucky
Dallas Morisette 1997 Purdue Thermal Stability Study of Low-Temperature Grown Gallium Arsenide Ohmic Contacts Group 4 Development LLC


Name Year Institution Project Title Currently At
Stefan Turkowski 2014 UC Davis MBE Shutter Control Rebuild and Magic Solar LED Box
Chenguang Yin 2014 UC Davis Arduino-based Instrumentation Design and Build
Chris Bonham 2014 UC Davis LabVIEW Coding for MBE-related Hardware Control
Prachi Goyal 2010 Purdue Quantum Efficiency Characterization of Wide Band Gap Solar Cells Strata Decision Technology
Muhammad Malik 2010 Purdue Photoluminescence Excitation Spectroscopy
Jon “Tyler” Whyland 2010 Purdue Photovoltaic Device Characterization
Robert Koudelka 1997 Purdue Strained Layer LEDs / Surface Morphology of the InAs/GaP Heterojunction
Carolyn Rogers 1997 Purdue Modelling RST Devices Northrop Grumman
Steve Keller 1996 Purdue Schottky Barrier Studies on n-type GaAs MOS-C and Oxidation Studies of GaP Barrier Height Studies of p-type GaAs NIH


Name Year Institution Position Currently At
Kyle Montgomery 2012-2015 UC Davis Research Scientist Air Force Research Laboratory
Jong-Hyeok Jeon 2002-2010 Purdue Research Scientist Intel

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